Monday, 28 January 2013

Welly I Never

Last week I decided it would be prudent to investigate my human's wellington boots but little did I know I'd find myself stuck in them - I may have had one too many tripe treats that weekend.

A message to all puppies out there - be careful around wellies. They may signal a walk but they also have a dangerous side.


P.S. Sniff your pets from me

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Puppy Cribs


Yo! Welcome to my new blog s'cool no? I'm Jarvis and I'm a bad ass Yorkie puppy living with two human folk, one of them even has a blog too - find her here.
I thought a good way to introduce myself would be to show you my crib, apparently before I was even born a muzik, musesick, music channel had this idea first but considering I'm too short to even see the TV I don't think it can be considered intellectual property theft.

I have a crate which is in the human's bedroom but I think it is a bit too big for me and sometimes I'm silly and create areas to poop in and areas to sleep in, which seems efficient but the smell just isn't working for me. One day when the humans were out at the shops (BUYING ME TREATS) I moved my blanket and Care Bear (RIP) into my travel crate and I love it like no other place and I've been to lots of place - once, right, I WENT TO A FIELD AND THERE WERE HORSES. NO WAY! My travel crate is just bit enough for me to stand up, turn around and lie down so I don't do poops in there. I loves it, it makes me happy and sometimes I just go in there to play with a ball or an envelope or something. I consider it a multifunctional space for the modern pooch. You have to roll with the times and your needs, WOOF!

Anyway on with my crib, it is grey and has a spotty pillow, blue fleecy blankets and I can take any toys in that I like. Some times I'm given a carrot as a treat and I sneak it in there to make a mess just to give the humans something extra to do.

Well I am going to go now because, frankly I'm a dog and I need to cuddle a human. S'fun. I hope you like my crib

Woof, de woof,

P.S. Say woof to your pet chums from me